abstract "Scape" ARTIST

"Color, energy, emotion and movement are the foundation of my visual style and intuitive approach to painting. I love the fluid materiality of my paints and the process of transforming flat surfaces into dynamic, layered

 compositions through the interaction of color.  My paintings blend elements of nature with abstraction as a means to create visual poetry.  Inspired by changing light, movement and forms in the landscape."

my story

Art by Dawn

Abstract “scape” painter Dawn Scandale began her love of water, land and sky when her family embarked on a permanent journey from Ireland to New England during her childhood. Dawn’s teen years as a Ski team member in her mountain home of Vermont inspired her passion for open vistas of glistening sun, snow and atmosphere. Such memories are still reflected in the current coastal work she creates in her Bonita Springs, Florida studio.


It is perhaps Dawn’s decades’ experience as an interior designer that brings forth the foremost appeal to her work. Dawn’s interpretation of formal elements such as color, shape, balance, depth, and composition gives a fresh new meaning to the abstract world of art. Her paintings take us on a journey though the eyes of a colorist, with an inspired marriage of calming harmony and delightful surprise.


Dawn has resided in Southwest Florida for over twenty years, and has yet to miss her early morning walks on the beach. “This is my fuel,” she says. “that which uplifts my spirit and allows me to see the infinite potential beyond the horizon.” With each day, new, joyful influences emerge from Dawn’s canvases.


Dawn Scandale’s original acrylics on canvas are in private and public collections throughout North America and abroad.